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Our Mission
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Our Story

We, at the Traveling Students Academy, believe that education is the most powerful way to change the world. Education enables us to know the world beyond our own surroundings by expanding our vision, creating awareness and -above all- develop a disciplined life. And when we combine education with travel, it creates the opportunity to learn about things that cannot be experienced at home or in a classroom.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Even though education is conventionally segmented into disciplines and subject areas, the world isn’t, and our minds aren’t. At the Traveling Students Academy, we promote cross-disciplinary education. We believe that experiencing a different culture opens the mind to seeing the world differently and that Greece’s rich ancient history holds lessons for engineers and accounts and chemists, as well as philosophers and historians and poets.

Our Team

Dr. Charlotte Thomas

Curriculum Designer, Academic Liaison

Dr. Thomas is a Professor of Philosophy at Mercer University, co-Director of the McDonald Center for America’s Western Foundations, and Director of the Great Books Program. She has been directing Study Abroad Programs for 20 years.


Julian Anoussis

Tour Creator - Operations Manager

Julian studied archaeology in Canada and in Britain, holds an MA in Heritage Management and took part in various excavations. Over the past few years, Julian creates and leads tours for schools and universities that visit Greece and Italy.


George Kokkos

Tour manager, Tour Leader

George Kokkos holds a BA in Ancient History and Archaeology from the University of Wales in Britain. For the past decade George has placed a focus on educational tourism, and has lectured extensively on the subject of democracy.


Euphrosyne Vlassi

Tour Director, Tour Leader

As an enthusiastic, fun and proactive tour manager, Euphrosyne has a decade of experience in leading groups of students from all over the world. She has created and led uniquely educational tours and experiences in Athens and all over Greece.


This is us

24/7 Support

You can always lean on The Traveling Students Academy for any support you may need—24/7. Our tour directors were born and raised in Greece. They know their way around, and they’ll make sure you get the help you need, regardless of what comes up. All you’ll need to worry about is putting on your sunscreen!

Affordable Rates

We know all the ins and outs of Greece and we pride ourselves in working with only the best local professionals and businesses -good people whom we have worked with for years. These relationships guarantee a high level of quality service, at the lowest possible cost.

Safety First

Since we now live in a post COVID-19 world, we strictly abide by the regulations and procedures being put in place by health authorities in the European Union and in Greece. We’re in this together. Safety is our top priority.

Customer Care

Why waste your valuable time searching for hotels and comparing prices, when you could be seeing some of the most exciting places in Greece? With years of experience, we will handle all the bureaucratic details. We’ll arrange all the details to make your experience as seamless as possible, so you can sit back and relax.


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